Key Issues


Why is healthcare such an important issue?


Our Republican-controlled legislature isn’t doing enough to help Georgia’s families who have little or no healthcare insurance. Legislators should be fighting to extend affordable coverage instead of finding ways to limit our options. That is true for everyone, especially those with pre-existing conditions.


Why do I care so passionately about healthcare for all?


I saw first-hand how important healthcare was to my family, and that experience is a big part of my commitment to find affordable healthcare for everyone. When my husband was diagnosed with a rare lung disease, we were fortunate to have insurance that covered his very expensive treatments for nine years before he died. Tens of thousands of Georgians have no such safety net when faced with a medical crisis.


What can we do?


We need to send representatives to the General Assembly who care about healthcare for their neighbors. With the right representation, we can extend Medicaid to the thousands of families without insurance coverage. We can also help improve the coverage for Georgia’s teachers and public-safety employees.


Now is the time.


Why is education such an important issue?


As a teacher, I know that the phrase “Our children are our future” is more than a cliché. It’s a promise to make sure that the future is built on a solid educational foundation. If Georgia’s citizens are not committed to educational excellence for all young people, they will be shortchanging those who depend on them.


Why do I care so much about providing all children with superior educational opportunities? 


I have worked diligently to improve educational opportunities all my life. I have received awards for excellence as a teacher, but the one reward that counts the most is the satisfaction of seeing children develop skills and insights that carry them to adulthood.


What can we do?


We must face the hard truth that money makes a difference in quality education. It’s easy for some to say we can’t afford to increase funding for quality education. I say we can’t afford not to. The game is won or lost in the General Assembly. That’s why I’m campaigning to be a strong voice in the legislature in support of education throughout Georgia, for all Georgians.


Now is the time.


Why is the environment such an important issue?


In my faith we speak often of “stewardship,” that is, the taking care of what we have taken responsibility for. Clearly, we have failed to be good stewards of our planet. Pollution is real. Those who fail to understand the threat contribute to the threat.


Why is this such an important issue for me?


As a mother and grandmother, I feel strongly that we must work today on behalf of future generations. We have polluted more than air and water. We have diluted our commitment to preservation. This must change if we are to fulfill our essential stewardship mission.


What can we do?


We can do much more than lament the consequences of inaction. We can take action to muster the power of state government and private industry to put environmental protection at the top of our priority list. We don’t lack for actions to take. Until now, we’ve lacked the will to take them. That, too, must change.


Now is the time.

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