Meet Ginny Lennox

I want to represent Georgia’s House District 20 because Georgia is falling behind in providing adequate healthcare and educational opportunities for everyone. I want to change that.


Now is the time.


I’ve learned first-hand how critical healthcare is, and I want every person in Georgia to have access to quality care. Like you, I’m tired of reading about the ranking of U.S. states on these issues and finding Georgia at or near the bottom of both. 


When my husband was diagnosed with a rare lung disease, we were fortunate to have insurance that covered his very expensive treatments for nine years before he died.

Unfortunately, tens of thousands of Georgians have no such safety net. Our Republican-dominated legislature has been indifferent to the needless suffering of the state’s uninsured families. 



Legislators should be fighting to extend affordable coverage instead of standing in the way. I will fight for all Georgians.


My life-long career in education has taught me two lessons:

  • Funding does make a difference in quality education, especially if it’s directed toward recruiting, training and retaining the best teachers.


  • I’ve won several teaching awards, but the only prize that matters for teachers is the “aha” moment of a student in the classroom.


I am a mother — and grandmother — who has lived in Woodstock for nearly 30 years. I care about the well-being of my neighbors, and I’m willing to serve them by running for state office to represent the people of Cherokee County.

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