• Ginny for GA 20

Make sure your voice is heard

When I decided to run for office, my main reason for running was so that everyone in Georgia could have affordable and accessible healthcare. That is still a main part of my platform. But my heart and head find me going in many different directions as I watch the turmoil so many people find themselves trying to navigate.

COVID-19 has brought so much sadness and uncertainty to so many families. Fighting the disease is hard even when everyone decides to work together. We should have strong leaders to make this journey easier, but we find ourselves with leaders who are not only weak but try to divide us. From the controversy over whether or not to wear masks, (WEAR THEM) whether or not to have your child attend school in person or to participate in digital learning, or whether it is safe to send our ballots by mail, this is a time fraught with uncertainty and fear.

Our leaders, whether on the federal, state, or local level, should be people we look up to and trust. They should care about people and want the best for their constituents. Did you know that 100,000 veterans work for the post office? What will happen to those veterans as the services of the post office are cut back? What will happen to the senior citizens who rely on the post office for their medicines and social security checks? What will happen to our ballots if the post office is not able to deliver them in time for them to be counted?

Now is the time to let our U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators know this is not acceptable. Now is the time to let our voices be heard. Now is the time to make sure our ballots are counted. Request an absentee ballot now. Walk your ballot to the ballot box. Turn it in early and then check to be sure that it has been accepted. Make sure that your friends and family are registered to vote and then make sure they turn in their vote.

An election can be won or lost by just a few votes.Make sure your voice is heard.Make sure your vote is counted.Now is the time for change.You have the power to make it happen.Use your voice, your vote and your power to change our country, our state and our district for the better of ALL.

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