• Ginny for GA 20

When it comes to the economy, there is only one side: What’s best for all

As candidate for Georgia’s House District 20 I have given a lot of thought to what is best for our economy, especially in this time of Covid-19 and great uncertainty. People are taking sides, those who think it is too soon to reopen the economy and those who feel we must restart the economy. I understand the needs of our small business owner and their employees who need to get back to work. I also understand the citizens who are afraid to go to work or to shop or to socialize with friends and family. They or a family member may have an underlying condition that makes taking a chance on contracting Covid-19 unthinkable. There is really only one side and that is what is best for all of us because when one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

There are those who argue that the unemployed can make more money by being unemployed than they can by working. If this is true, it is the perfect argument as to why the minimum wage should be raised to a living wage. No one should work all day and still not be able to feed his or her family. No one should work all day and not be able to have the healthcare his or her family needs and deserves. No one should work all day and not be able to rent or own a home of their own.

I believe in a living wage. I believe we must end the racial and gender wealth gap. I believe we have a responsibility to our frontline heroes, the people who went to work everyday during this pandemic, so that others could stay home. This pandemic has put a spotlight on how much or little we value the people who take care of us. It has shown us that yes, businesses are important, but businesses can only survive when they have workers who are healthy.

Having a healthy economy is not an either or position. Big businesses are not more important than small businesses. Large corporations are not more important than the workers that make them successful. They all need to be protected now more than ever. As long as we take sides everyone loses. But if as a country we begin to remember that we are in this together, nothing is impossible.

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